pussy speaks [Berlin 2021]


” We are all made from liquids.
We all grew in a whomb.
Surrounded by amniotic fluids.
Nurtured with liquids.
Protected by liquids.
Containg liquids.These sounds are likely to have apperade during our creation.

These are sounds of live and of creation.

Liquids exit when we die.”




We are located in a studio. 

Peformance takes place at 2pm and at 8pm. 

Duration 15 min each.

The performance

The lights are dimmed, are red.

before the performance starts she sits 

on the carpet for a few minutes, 

drinking tea. 

Everything is prepared, 

only waiting for the silence to arrive. 

Grave lights circle around her. 

She puts the microphone under her skirt.

Begins to generate sounds. 

The extraordinary slimy sounds 

form a beat through a loop machine. 

A beat in which we sink. 

We forget where the sounds come from.



Dead Pigeon Party [2019]


We are in Arboretum de Balaine, France, 

at the Château Perché Music Festival.

THe sun is shining. People are dancinG

THW Happening Phase 1

It emerges from the background. 

Clown-like make-up. Ribbons hanging from the body. A dead pigeon lies on a tray. The same pigeon that layed for days at the edge of the festival path.It WAKES slow, its gaze full of sadness and pain. 

People are dancing,
odies facing the stage.

It slowly pushes their way
through the dancers. 

Some react. One decides to take a hit of cocaine on the tray.

It slowly moves on, to another dance floor.


Phase 2

On the dance floor it places the dove between the dancers. 

At first it is an observer.
An exchange begins. 

A celebration of the animal. People begin to decorate the dove lying there with the surrounding rubbish. 

Dancing around the dove. It transforms into a documenter, 

into a photographer. People share stories that they associate and lived with pigeons.


It takes back the pigeon and disappears 

behind a stage where it buries the pigeon under a bush.