sanitized love

Plastic skin pleases our senses. 

Plastic skin is orgasmic. 

Plastic is our closest companion.

Deadly pastic saves us.  

Due to Corona Virus we are forced 

to live a sterile life.

Hugs were natural and kisses functioned 

as a beautiful exchange of germs. 

The nature of humans is now being 

discredited. Or questioned


This might seem immoral.

Immoral to only use the fish to shoot, 

not to fill someones stomach.

The enjoyment of eating the fish is  transient, 

whereas these images make the fish immortal.

 We consume plastic as if it were 

something mortal, but it is not. 

We have the choice to value mortal plastic 

over mortal fish. Do we?

micro beauty

Realize that your cosmetics 

contain microplastic, 

polluting our oceans. 

It will remain on your body 

and will not rinse off.