It is easy to make friends at music festivals,
but it can be hard to stay in touch. Presenting: Bacardi Cheers.A cup that uses NFC technology to share information and connect festival friends all year round.



At the beginning of
the festival, users will
register their cup to
their social media and
Bacardi app by tapping the NFC

by “cheersing”
with friends, you can
keep track of their
whereabouts during
the festival.

Interactions will be
logged so users can
easily see who they
shared a drink with
and add them on social.

Teacher: Laszlo Szloboda, Associate Creative Director at FCB (New York City)
Mina Mikhael, Sr. Art Director at Wieden+Kennedy (New York City)
AD: Henriette Kirsch
CW: Hayley Mcostrich